Guilford High School Celebrates Award Winning Newspaper and Yearbook


    For the first time in school history, Guilford’s student newspaper, The Voyager, earns the coveted ALL-KEMPA award. It’s the Kettle Moraine Press Association’s highest rating of excellence for schools in Illinois and Wisconsin.

    Newspaper Advisor Daniel Bingley says, “I know the work that we do in newspaper is excellent. I push the kids and they push themselves. But to get validation from outside really helps us to motivate and continue to improve our paper.”

    Students say they were pleasantly surprised by the honor.

    Chief editor Olivia Hagerty says, “Cause we’re going up against this huge schools with a ton of money for journalism. We just have a small staff of twenty students. So to see us work so hard last year then finally get rewarded for it was very awesome.”

    Editor in chief  Lauren Bear agrees. “I think it’s really nice to get rewarded for all of our hard work. Cause we’ve been constantly battling trying to get through deadlines, and approval and getting online and funding. So it’s just really exciting to see it all happen.”

    Chief editor Charles Larson says, “I really like journalism. And I’ve been working hard making sure we get really good stories that benefit the school and other students.”

    Guilford’s 2017 yearbook, The Valhalla, earned a second-place award. It’s an honor Yearbook Advisor Amanda Flynn hope her students always remember.

    “I hope that they take away integrity in reporting. Honesty about what happens in a school year. Because the book records the history for each year. So how is each year different. “

     Yearbook copy editor Kaitlyn Albrecht says, “When you look back in like 40 years , you’re like wow we put all this work into it. It’s just kind of nice to see that and be a part of that.”

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