CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — Guinness’ second brewpub in the world outside of Dublin opened this week in Chicago, and says it imports the stout straight from Ireland.

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery is located inside an old railroad depot at 901 West Kinzie Street, and employs 80 workers.

According to WFLD, in addition to its Guinness, the pub will also sell beer exclusive to Chicago, including beer made with Illinois corn.

“We have a cream ale, which is called corn maize cream ale, made with local Illinois corn,” said brewer Megan Schwarz. “So we’re excited about that one too, but trying just to have something for everybody.”

The facility also includes a restaurant and bakery.

A Guinness spokesman said the company chose Chicago because the beer has been available there since 1910.

“I think the Open Gate Brewery building this structure, or renovating this structure, gave a physical home to what has always been a spiritual home for Guinness in many ways. We love the city of Chicago and Guinness has long been a part of that beer story here,” said the company’s national ambassador, Ryan Wagner.