Gun Shop Owner Critical of New Illinois Gun Bill


“It’s a terrible bill… There’s going to be a whole bunch of felons if this law passes overnight.”

Kenny Polhamus owns Kap Guns in Loves Park.

He does not support House Bill 4117.

“People who don’t use guns, don’t have any clue about it,” says Polhamus. “And that’s usually the people that are writing these bills.”

It would ban bump stocks.

And any other modification that would increase a gun’s firing rate.

“So anybody with an after-market trigger in their rifle, even a revolver, an old, single action revolver with a trigger job is illegal because he polished parts to make the gun fire easier,” said Polhamus.

The Las Vegas shooting has been a driving force for the new proposal.    

The gunman, Stephen Paddock, had bump stocks on 12 of his rifles.

It allowed him to fire hundreds of shots-killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more, in a matter of minutes.

“People have a tendency after a tragic event like this, time lapses, they forget how important it is to have sensible gun control,” said the bill sponsor, State Representative Marty Moylan. “My bill does that. It bans these crazy bump stops where you can modify a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon.”

But opponents of the bill say it’s too broad.

“This bill, in it’s current form today, would essentially prohibit or outlaw in a rough estimation 50% of the firearms out in Illinois today,” said Todd Vandermyde from the National Rifle Association. “It would make a criminal out of the vast majority of the 2.2 million FOID card holders, for mere possession.”

But, the bill’s sponsor says the legislation is necessary.

“This is what we do because of an event that happened and we have to act to save lives,” said Moylan.

There is also a competing bill that would only apply the ban to bump stocks, not other devices.

So far, only one other state, Massachusetts, has banned bump stocks.

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