Gun Shop Owner Speaks Out About Second Robbery in 7 Months


It’s the second time in less than a year, robbers hit a Loves Park gun store.  Surveillance cameras catch the two suspects responsible.

“They busted a window with a hammer, ran in, grabbed a bunch of stuff and got out as fast as they could,” said Kap Guns Inc. Owner Kenny Polhamus.

Surveillance video captured the second robbery Kap Guns has had in the past seven months.

“Same thing as last time, almost to a tee,” said Polhamus.  “Different window, same deal.”

Photos were released by the Loves Park Police Department of the two masked suspects.  The photos also show the light blue Dodge Caravan that the suspects drove off in.  The van was also stolen in Rockford. Polhamus said when he received the call around four in the morning on friday, it was an eerily similar ordeal.

“Unbelievable how similar both robberies were.  Almost like the same people,” said Polhamus.  “I got the call and they told me that there were three different motion detectors that went off. I was wondering how they did it, because after the last time, we secured a whole bunch of stuff.”

Polhamus said he’s frustrated that his business was the intended target. He said he is going to make more changes to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We’re actually talking about liquidating most of our guns,” said Polhamus. “So we won’t have any guns on site.”

Now his business sits with a wooden makeshift window and an empty display case,  where guns, meant to be sold, used to be.  Polhamus adds the thieves had a strategic plan.

“That’s why they do it in the middle of the night,” said Polhamus.  “They’re too scared to confront anybody head on.”

Kap Guns Inc. is taking inventory on how much and what exactly was taken.

Loves Park Police are looking for the suspects and the vehicle. The license plate number on the van is ‘288310’ with a handicapped symbol on it.  Any information about the incident or the suspects should be sent into the Loves Park Police Department.

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