Harlem High School music program sells mattresses in fundraising effort


When a school club or organization needs to raise money, they usually will sell cookies, popcorn, or candy bars. But the band and choir for Harlem High School went a different route.

The organization turned the Harlem gym into a mattress store, selling mattresses at a discount to fund their program, thanks to an outfit known as Custom Fundraising Solutions.

“The community wants to help the students out, and they know how tough it is for the kids to get the stuff that they want to be able to do, and so they want to be able to help,” said Tim Calleja, owner of Custom Fundraising Solutions. “When they hear they can save money and they hear that they can give back directly tot he students, the public normally comes in quite a bit.”

Custom Fundraising Solutions has been known to help clubs and sports teams meet their goals to get new uniforms, travel, and new equipment.

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