Harlem Student Documentary Showing At The Beloit Film Festival


Harlem students and alumni of the class called  the ‘Harlem Veteran Project’, spent half a year creating a long form documentary that will be showing this weekend at the Beloit Film Festival.

It’s called ‘The Monster Within.’  The documentary follows the story of James Thew and Alex Feggestad, veterans of the Persian Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan respectively. With the use of animation and in depth interviews, students share their stories from the battlefront and the difficulties they face even now returning home to civilian life.

Both Feggestad and Thew suffer from PTSD. Teacher of the ‘Harlem Veteran Project’, Nicholas Stange, said the film will show viewers the life long sacrifice servicemen make when defending our country. 

“”The individuals that serve in these wars, that serve in the military, for them it won’t just end when the war ends,” Stange said. “It is something that will dictate the rest of their life, whether they spend a year in service or whether it is a decades in the service, it will change the course of their lives,” he added.

‘The Monster Within’ will be showing at La Casa Grande in Beloit at 2:30 p.m. this Saturday.


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