Harlingen PD Chief Adickes reacts to Dallas PD shootings


Following the shooting of Dallas PD officers last night, Harlingen Police Chief Jeffry Adickes shared a special message for his Harlingen Police Department, the community and the nation.

“I think the main message that I feel this morning is that we as a nation we need to do a little self- examination.

There’s been an attack on law enforcement for the last couple of years and it’s purely based on hate and there’s a strong movement in this country based on hate and that doesn’t matter whether it’s law enforcement whether it’s the color of your skin, or you’re a part of the LGBTQ community or whatever the targeted group is of the day.

Because there’s going to be a different one next week or the week after that as we saw in Orlando a few weeks ago and they will continue to come.

So, I think that we need to do a self examination as a nation on what we want to be moving forward and I think that conversation needs to be had not necessarily by the politicians but by us as a community because finger pointing doesn’t solve a problem. The only ones that can solve this problem is those of us in the community who are working hard day by day to try to do the right thing… And that would be my message.”

Chief Adickes also wrote a special open letter addressed to the men and women of the Harlingen Police Department in how to best cope with this tragedy. It has been made public on Facebook.

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