ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — With the icy weather in Rockford today, a local towing company offered advice on how to best navigate the slippery roads.

“I know everyone is in a hurry or got places to be, but with the weather like this, the road is not at 100 percent capability for you to drive what might be posted on the road way,” said Tanner Sandall with Haas Towing.

Sandall said he began his towing career a few years ago when he needed his own car towed. Now, he says he helps drivers in a bind.

“We don’t know really how bad this ice storm might be, because we don’t know how cold it will get later on, into the night,” he said Wednesday afternoon. “All this rain that is sitting in the roadway might turn into ice, which will cause bigger problems.”

Sandall said tow trucks aren’t immune to slippery roads, either.

“It’s not like snow, where you can visually see it there,” he added. “Ice creeps out of nowhere, under bridges, on bridges. The ice builds up. You might be able to see it, but it’s there.”

Sandall said it could take a while for an emergency rescue, and encouraged drivers to keep blankets and extra clothes in the car.

“While they are waiting for us, the big thing is trying to stay warm, especially with how cold it is. Always carry a blanket or something with you, in your trunk,” he said.

He also said ice can cause cars to spin out, and cautions drivers to give other cars a wide berth.

“Driving a big truck, I have to keep my distance from other cars and be aware of my surroundings, basically be safe,” Sandall said. “[I’ve] just got to tell people: be patient and we are on the way.”

The City of Rockford has been salting roads all day long.