Here’s a list of the most rented DVDs from Netflix’s first 20 years


Video rental service Netflix celebrated two decades in the business on Tuesday.

The company started as a mail order DVD rental service. The DVD division brought in $450 million last year for Netflix. Those subscriptions are shrinking as customer switch to streaming video. 

In honor of the anniversary, Netflix released a list of some of their most rented DVDs for each of its first twenty years: 

1998: The Big Lebowski

1999: Office Space

2000: Gladiator

2001: Memento

2002: The Bourne Identity

2003: Mystic River

2004: The Notebook

2005: Crash

2006: The Departed

2007: The Bucket List

2008: The Hurt Locker

2009: The Blindside

2010: Inception

2011: The Lincoln Lawyer

2012: The Hunger Games

2013: Captain Phillips

2014: The Monuments Men

2015: The Martian

2016: Sully

2017: Wonder Woman

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