On the 65th year of the armistice agreement, North and South Korea signed a peace agreement on Friday.

The agreement includes steps working toward the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”

It also includes setting up meetings among the Koreas, the U.S. and China.

Friday’s signing of the agreement was the first time leaders of the split Koreas have met in more than a decade. There’s a chance President Trump will meet with Kim Jong-Un later this year.

Illinois lawmakers seem to agree that talks between North and South Korea signal a significant step forward for peace between the two countries, but some are more skeptical than others. 

Republican Congressman Rodney Davis says this agreement is good news, but he’s not optimistic. 

“I don’t trust them to end that nuclear program,” Davis said. “I want to make sure there are more assurances than have been in there in the past. I hope I’m wrong in my fear in this, but I just can’t get past what they have not lived up to in the past.”

Another Illinois Republican, Congressman Adam Kinzinger seemed a little more excited about the developments. 

He agrees with Davis that the U.S. needs to be skeptical when dealing with North Korea — and that there should be a plan in place to guarantee the country cannot get nuclear weapons. But, he still believes this is major progress. 

“We can’t overstate how momentous this moment is,” Kinzinger said. “When you have Kim Jong-Un and President of the U.S. meeting and the President of South Korea — there’s no way to get stronger diplomacy. This is a moment. It’s historic and I certainly hope this results in a nuclear free North Korea.”

Kinzinger went on to say there has to be a real resolution that comes out of all these meetings — and other countries need to get on board too. 

He says he believes China will have to play a big role in ensuring North Korea does not ever get access to nuclear weapons.