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We’re keeping things hot this summer and that includes our grills. Omaha Steaks executive chef David Rose is showing us how we can whip our grilling skills into shape for the season. His first tip is to always make sure to have plenty of fuel whether it be charcoal or propane. He suggests plenty of fuel and plenty of backup.

The next tip is to make sure to have all the proper tools from spatulas, tongs, meat thermometer, plates and more. You also want to make sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand just in case. All of this sets the foundation for a great meal.

David shares the estimated times it takes for steaks and burgers to cook but he recommends taking out the meat thermometer to give a more exact indication of how well it is cooked. His tips for picking out a great burger is to go for a company with quality meats.

That’s why recommends the Omaha Steaks burgers. The burgers are cut from steak and aged 28 days to give peak juiciness. David encourages everyone to get creative when it comes to burger recipes, and he even shares a current favorite of his.

Right now, David’s favorite burger is a French onion burger. To check out that recipe and more, head to