Homeless man’s selfless act shocks Dixon residents


A selfless and humble act by a man struggling to get by leaves many in Dixon with a new sense of hope.

Sarina Venier says they were closing up Drifters Saloon after Petunia Festival when a man knocked on their door early Friday morning. She says he’d found a wallet and phone outside and wanted to turn it in.

“[I was] expecting to have an empty wallet,” said Venier. “When we opened it up, all three of us were shocked because there was hundred dollar bills, fifty dollar bills, all twenties.”

That man is Michael Wulf — a life long Dixon resident whose fallen on hard times. He says he noticed a woman leave behind her belongings as she left the festival.

“I figured I didn’t want to die with that on my conscious,” said Wulf. “I tried to catch her and I couldn’t catch her. I figured the best thing to do was to go into the bar she had been at and I returned it to them.”

Wulf says he’s a certified welder but has had trouble finding work. He adds despite his struggles, he knew in his heart that turning in the wallet was his only option.

“I figured I’d do what I’d want someone to do to me,” explained Wulf.

Venier says she is stunned that in spite of Wulf’s circumstances — he’d do what many others wouldn’t.

“There’s a lot of people who have money who wouldn’t have turned a wallet in with that much cash in it,” said Venier. “For somebody who legitimately sleeps under the bridge to bring me a wallet full of cash was pretty awesome.”

Venier says the moment reminds her of all the good that exists in the world.

“I couldn’t even sleep, it just made me feel so good,” added Venier. “I went to bed with a smile on my face thinking ‘Wow, that was really cool’.”

Venier says the wallet and phone were returned to their rightful owner last week. Wulf adds that woman was so grateful she gave him a big hug.

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