MANKATO, Minn. (WTVO) — After his home was burglarized, police say a Minnesota man left a window open, waited for the intruder to return, and beat him with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

According to the Mankato Police Department, police were called to a burglary in progress at the Eastwood Manor Mobile Home Park on April 16th.

The Smoking Gun reported that when police arrived, the suspect, Aldo Gomez, 35, was sitting outside the residence with a fractured skull.

Police said Gomez admitted to burglarizing the home the day before, by sneaking in through the window.

When the homeowner, Blaze Richard Smith, 28, reviewed the surveillance video of the incident, he told police he recognized Gomez from his build and gait. He then wrapped a baseball bat in barbed wire with screws and nails, left a window open, and waited for Gomez to return.

Sure enough, Gomez broke in again the next day and Smith hit him multiple times with the bat.

Police said surveillance video showed Smith chasing Gomez and hitting him multiple times with the bat, but Smith told officers he had hit Gomez “only four times” while inside the residence.

Gomez was charged with felony burglary.

Smith was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon.