Homes Under Water Along Rock River


Docks, boathouses and even homes were submerged in water after the Rock River floods.

“It’s unique for this time of year,” says Philip Johns, who lives along the river. 

Johns’ Machesney Park home was fine just a couple of days ago, but on January 14th he noticed the water rising.

“By the time I got down here there was about 18-20 inches of water in the boathouse, so a few things got wet that I didn’t want to,” says Johns. 

The reason for the flooding is due to ice jams, which cause waters in several areas to rise.  The jams were severe enough to warrant a flood warning being issued in parts of Winnebago County.

” It upsets you because you got cleanup, it disrupts your life.  But it’s part of living on the river,” adds Johns.

Johns has lived along the river for over 15 years and says he has seen waters reach more than 8 feet over flood stage. He recalls one homeowner in particular whom he says had to spend a fortune in repairs. 

“The river came up.  I heard it was somewhere around 50 thousand dollars to fix the house.  They got her all fixed up and the river came up again. And it was another 50 some odd thousand dollars.”

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