Hononegah Community High School Remembers Officer Jaimie Cox


Officer Jaimie Cox was someone who served both our community and our country, and those roots for wanting to make a difference all started in one place.

Within the halls of Hononegah Community High School walked a student who stood out from the others.  Remembered by many here as a young man who wanted to make a difference in his community, by serving first in the military, and then in law enforcement.

David Kurlinkus, President Hononegah School Board said,”The fact that he was in the same graduating class with one of my children makes it a time that I’ll remember, always.”

He remembers the day that Jaimie Cox graduated from Hononegah High School.

He added, “My son was an athlete too, so they probably ran into each other through athletics.  I dont know for sure if they were close friends, but they knew each other fairly well.”

Cox played football at the high school and was also a part of the prestigious wrestling team.  
He also had big aspirations to make something of himself.

Dave Gonet, former Guidance Counselor at HCHS said, “He wasn’t moody.  A lot of adolescants tend to be kind of moody.  He always had a very good disposition.”

And Cox’s high school guidance counselor also saw a career in law enforcement in cox’s future.

Gonet said, “Sometimes in my job when you have people that want to get into law enforcement, there’s these little red flags that you know that they probably shouldn’t be pursuing that.  I never had that with him.  He wanted to help people.  He was there because he felt it was an important thing to do for his community and he felt that it was something he was destined to do; and he was.”

Cox would first serve in the national guard, and later in law enforcement; losing his life doing through his selfless devotion to protect his community by putting others before himself.

Gonet added, “When we lose our best, we lose the ones that are gonna help, and that’s unfortunate.  That’s what causes people to look up to the sky and say ‘why?'”

Gonet told me he encouraged cox to join the military, that way he’d have a successful career in law enforcement.

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