The holiday season is an exciting time for families, but there are some instances where family members are missing, taken by addiction.  Hope for the Holidays is an event that raises funds to help families fight that issue.  The event brought shoppers out looking for  holiday gifts, and the money they spent goes right back into Hope Over Addiction to help fight and educate people about addiction. An issue that has touched many in the Stateline.

“This is a good time to get everybody together under one roof. Listen to some music, share stories and get ready for the holidays”, organizer Alex Romero said.

Hope Over Addiction brought together bands, businesses and artists for their  first ever hope for the holidays event. People did some holiday shopping all while helping fight the opioid addiction  and the crisis that comes with it.

“It’s sad to say that we have a problem in our town but be as it may we have to help out”, Romero said.
Romero continued, “I think it’s effected everybody at some point in their lives. Neighbors, family, friends, so they feel it’s important enough to come out and show their support”.

Alex Romero organized hope for the holidays, and did it with a heavy heart, but still filled with support. Not just support for those closest to him but for everyone who may be going through this battle.

“One of my good friends lost two of his children to this. So it’s so sad and it tears your heart apart. You know you say to yourself I wish I could have done something more”, said Romero.

“Both of us have members of our family who have struggled for years and years and it really, it effects people lives”, Karen Schauf said.

With lots of holiday gift options to chose from, shoppers know that what they buy will go directly to help fund programs to fight addiction at Hope Over Addiction.

Alan Brown said, “this organization does a lot to help families and help those addicted to these terrible drugs and it’s just such a good cause and we just felt we needed to come down and support it”.
“We have such great artists in Rockford and they produce such wonderful items”, Brown added.
“I’m going to keep looking and see if there’s something that might intrigue me to get somebody for  Christmas”, Schauf.