Hope & Help During Harvey


The flooding in Texas is reminds some Stateline residents of their personal experience last month.  Pearl City residents are still recovering from July’s flooding.  They say they can’t even imagine what Texans are going through.

Most residents say the best way to cop is maintaining a positive attitude, knowing that the worst is over and that help is on the way.  Hurricane Harvey drenching the Texas Gulf Coast with massive amount of water and rain, putting entire cities underwater. Stateline residents, like business owner, Gator Caswell had to deal with flooding issues of their own.

“We recently went through a lot of flooding here in Pearl City,” said Casewell.  “[We’re] sensitive to what is going on in Texas right now.”

Many homes and businesses flooded. Some were not expecting to get as much high water as they did.  Caswell says he and his team at Hometown Motors tried to maintain optimism to support the community during the clean up.

“We were just thinking about that a lot,” said Caswell.  “Wanting to get up and running to kind of be a light in the community and say hey, they this didn’t slow us down.”

Pearl city leaders, like Village President, Robert Knoup say the unity within the village and outside help from donors and services made it possible to recover.

“It’s been such a team effort, we’ve got a great community and they all stuck together.” 

However, Knoup says what Pearl City went through doesn’t compare to what is happening in Texas.

“I mean were talking an awful small area, big impact on the people, but nothing like Texas.” said Knoup.

Local services like the Red Cross in Rockford are preparing volunteers and staff to aid the disaster, like they did for flooding here in the Stateline.  Executive Director, Lisa LaSala says while also continuing to help those who still need it here.

“As we deploy people down to help in Houston, we still need help right here.” said LaSala.

One volunteer is deployed, along with a supply vehicle.  On Wednesday, the Red Cross will deploy another volunteer.  Donations can be made here.

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