Horrific cold headed into Stateline-area, frostbite possible in 5 minutes

Surge of arctic air_1548708624577.png.jpg

After today’s snowfall, we are in for a surge of arctic air Tuesday night and lingering into Thursday morning.

This is a result of the polar vortex dipping south.

Yes, you read that right… the polar vortex is back in the news.

Normally, the polar vortex rotates over the North Pole and helsp to keep the arctic air locked in place. However, every once in a while it will weaken, and dip to the south enough that cold air will flow into our neck of the woods.

Tuesday night and into Thursday morning is a perfect example of this. It’s going to push a arctic high south providing for the coldest air mass in years to invade the Stateline.

We could see record low temperatures, record low high temperatures and the all-time record cold temperature broken. Expect highs in the negative teens and single digits Wednesday and Thursday, and overnight lows in the -20° to -30° range.

Factoring in the wind, we could see wind chills down into the -40° to -50° range.

The National Weather Service warns that in addition to slippery road conditions, dangerously cold winds could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 5 minutes, and hypothermia or even death can result if appropriate precautions are not taken.

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