It’s that time of year again when new resolutions are made, fitness goals are set, and gyms are packed.

“During the new year it seems to have(gym) a few more people,” said Kyle one YMCA member.

“Like the swimming pool is really crowded I had to share a lane with like two other people and that was like never happened before,” April & Seb two gym goers.

“Obviously this is a busy time of year for us and facilities like us. We know we are going to get an influx of new members coming into our doors and so we anticipate that every year at this time and then we hope to do what we can to keep them coming,” said Gina Karvelis the Senior Director of Healthy Living at YMCA of Rock River Valley.

It is the age old trend to begin working out in January and slowly, but surely stop months later. Karvelis and her team are tryng to fix that.

“Like we always say its a marathon not a sprint. So just realize if your making true life changes, they don’t happen over night and so set goals that are realistic and attainable that set you up for success. If you get off track get right back on, don’t use that as an excuse to stop entirely,” said Karvelis

Gyms like the Y offer classes, events, and many other ways to keep people coming back. Gym goers said that they try not think of it like work.

“I think like find a fun way to exercise and then you’ll want to exercise. I think that’s a good reason why yea you have to realize it might not be the same fun as like playing video games, but I think it can still be fun if you like do the right thing and if your with great people,” said April & Seb.

A major aspect to feeling motivated and comfortable at the gym is the environment. Many facilities go above and beyond to make it a safe place for everyone.

“So we prepare and know that we are going to be busy and we want people to come in and have everything in working order, have everything cleaned. That’s a really big part of what we do here. We are a welcoming place so when you walk in the door your going to be greeted by someone who is happy to answer all of your questions,” Kervalis said.