HR consultant: Some employers may start banning workplace handshakes


Some employers across the world are considering banning physical conduct in the workplace, which would possibly include handshakes, a human resources consultant says, as companies work to determine what is appropriate contact in a new age.

Speaking with UK news site Metro, Kate Palmer, who is the associate director of advisory for HR consulting firm Peninsula, says some employers are considering complete bans but she is not aware of any that are in place at this time.

Palmer says, “Does shaking someone’s hand go too far? They may just say ‘no contact at all’ because there’s no grey area. It makes it simple, but it takes away affection which in some ways is a sad thing.”

But, at this point, Palmer says it’s okay to keep shaking hands unless your boss says otherwise. But, Palmer warns, “That’s the most physical contact I would have with a fellow employee… I would be very mindful of a hug or putting my hand on their hand.”

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