Human parking spots, bumper tables, dining pods become fixtures of post lockdown life


(FOX News) — As the world gradually begins to reopen, businesses around the world are coming up with unique ways to impose the six-foot social distancing rule.

A park in New York installed white circles, dubbed “human parking spots,” across its lawn. The design ensures visitors remain at least six-feet apart.

A company in Maryland rolled out “bumper tables” to help diners bounce back into eating out. The inflatable inner tubes on wheels allow customers to eat and drink outside, while maintaining a safe distance from each other.

Meanwhile, in South Carolina, a restaurant there used blow up dolls to fill empty tables. The dolls help keep the customers spaced apart and provide a good laugh.

A cafe in Germany is handing out noodle hats to keep people socially-distant.

A waterfront restaurant in Amsterdam repurposed an art installation as dining pods, where guests are served at tables inside glass booths, providing an intimate yet socially distanced dining experience.


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