Identity thief picks up delivery package from Boone County victim’s home


When a UPS truck driver shows up to your home, most people aren’t suspicious.

Neither was Boone County resident Tristan Nelson.

He was working outside next to his home when he noticed a car follow a delivery driver into his driveway.

“He waited like two minutes,” said Nelson. “Right before I was about to go and ask him what he was doing here, he grabbed the package that UPS had just been dropped off.”

Nelson says he first called his mom to ask if she was expecting a delivery. But, she wasn’t.

The family then made a call to the credit card company and learned the truth about what was had happened.

“Her identity had been stolen,” said Nelson. “Her credit card had also been stolen in the process. They ordered a cell phone with the card.”

Boone County Sheriff Dave Ernest says identity theft has become all too common. Adding it’s crucial for the public to be vigilant with their finances to avoid falling victim.

“We recommend people check their statements, their bank statements, their credit card statements,” said Ernest. “Just don’t take those for granted. You really need to look at those bills closely. A lot of times, things can slid through there.”

Ernest says many times, most thieves try to deliver to their own homes or abandoned properties to avoid being caught.

“In this case, somebody actually lives there, the victim actually lives there,” said Ernest. “It’s not very common as the other ways but criminals are always one step ahead, they’re always coming up with new ways.”

Since the incident, the Nelson’s are now taking precautions — cameras surround every angle of their home.

“If something were to happen like that again, at least we’d know who or what kind of car or what the license plate was. We’ve upped our security.”

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office says after contacting the source of a credit card fraud,  it’s also very important to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission.

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