IDOT Short $300 Million and What that Means for Stateline


The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) says they are short by $300 million this year, which has resulted in the reduction of hundreds of miles of pavement in planned road maintenance projects.  The money will be funneled to the Chicago Transit Authority instead, as part of the Illinois state legislature’s new budget. 

But what does that mean for the Stateline?

“There shouldn’t be any impact,” said Rep. Joe Sosnowski (R-69th)  “Major road construction projects and repairs that keep our major arterials [operational], I think, are in good condition.”

“Projects in the Rockford area have continued,” said Sen. Steve Stadelman (D-34th)  “The North Main project comes to mind, as far as projects have continued, despite the political and financial difficulties in Springfield. Projects that have been in the pipeline have been getting done.”

However, going forward, that could be a different story.

“We’re still trying to finish up some of those projects under the past plan,” said Sosnowski.  “Moving forward, there has to be some revenue dedicated towards that and that’s always a challenge.”

The state is not getting as much revenue from some sources as they hoped, like gaming and slot machines.  

“As were seeing it now across the state. It’s scaling down,” said Sosnowski.  “Those capital projects are being completed and finished up.”

Lawmakers in Springfield are trying to figure out from where else to get that money, in order to keep road construction on track. 

Rockford Resident Brett Bothwell says the construction made it difficult for him to walk where sidewalks used to be, but he’s glad it’s over.

“It’s kind of a pain,” said Bothwell. “[I’m] glad they finally got the roads done, but with rocks in the shoes, [you’re] not completely sure of your footing.”

A report card, done on infrastructure in Illinois by the American Society of Civil Engineers, gave Illinois a grade of ‘C-Minus’.  They argue that more money and not less is needed to get the state up to speed.

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