(WTVO) — Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul has doubled down on the governor’s threat to fire police officers who don’t enforce the state’s new “assault weapons” ban.

“As law enforcement agencies, there’s overlapping jurisdiction as well, so if they don’t do their jobs, there are other people there to do the job,” Raoul said Friday.

Gov. JB Pritzker made as similar threat last Tuesday, saying cops who don’t enforce the ban “won’t be in their job.” Pritzker made the comment after dozens of sheriff throughout Illinois announced they would not arrest anyone for illegally possessing banned guns because the new law is unconstitutional.

Pritzker added that the law is patterned after those in at least eight states and that the legislation is constitutionally sound.

Several gun-rights groups have vowed to file suit to block the new law, which makes the manufacture, sale, or transfer of 170 firearms and magazines illegal in Illinois effective immediately.

Anyone who already owns firearms on the banned list may keep them, but must register them with the Illinois State Police by Jan. 1, 2024.

Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson said there’s a clear distinction between the Illinois law and the eight states that have passed similar bans.

“We’re the first state since the Bruin decisions the Supreme Court came down with in October,” Pearson told WMAY.

Magazines that hold 15 or more rounds of ammunition are also now illegal in Illinois.