As early as next week, lawmakers could bring up gun legislation in light of the Las Vegas massacre when they return for the veto session.

The gun bills are similar to those discussed in Congress. One piece of legislation would ban assault weapons and bump stocks which allow guns to rapidly fire.

It’s being talked about in the statehouse and could see it brought up for debate once lawmakers return next Tuesday. The legislation would ban guns like large-caliber rifles and large-capacity magazines which hold ten or more rounds.

One Republican believes another thing which needs to be discussed is refunding programs which help keep guns off the streets in communities.

Most lawmakers are on board with the measure, however similar ideas have not passed in previous attempts.

Another lawmaker is pushing a bill to create state licensing of gun dealers. This passed the Senate before the Las Vegas shootings. It was not called in the House yet because the bill’s sponsor says it still needs more votes.

This year, lawmakers passed a new law putting stricter sentences for those caught trafficking guns. Governor Bruce Rauner signed the measure making it a felony if a person who has not been issued a FOIA card brings guns into the state with the intent to sell or deliver.