Illinois House Passes Measure to Freeze Property Taxes


Illinois lawmakers hope their successors will finish what they started, the house today passed a measure 76-24 to freeze property taxes.

But, it’s up to the next general assembly if it’ll ultimately pass.

And although it’s not a done deal yet, officials at Rockford Public Schools say it has them worried about their potential funding.

That’s because property taxes are used to fund local school districts. The bill would set a tax cap of 0% percent on all taxing bodies in the state-which means if a local municipality like Rockford wants to increase property taxes, the city would need voters to approve.

The property tax freeze is part of Governor Bruce Rauner’s turnaround agenda.

Rockford schools Superintendent, Dr. Ehren Jarrett. says a property tax freeze could end up hurting students.

“My assumption is this new legislation would come into effect in a future levy cycle and as a board we would have to look at the impact,” said Dr. Jarrett. “But certainly, any time you lose local revenues and the ability to access those and to make that choice, that does limit our ability to have the revenue we need to support students.”

Rauner praised the house’s action. He hopes the next general assembly, which gets sworn-in tomorrow, will pass it.

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