SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — A circuit court judge ruled Illinois’ FOID Card is unconstitutional. Now, the State Supreme Court could take up the question.

The Pritzker administration wants to encourage FOID Card holders to submit their fingerprints to the state. Senate Democrats want to double the cost of the card and require fingerprints to get a FOID card.

A judge’s ruling the card is unconstitutional could prompt lawmakers to consider new changes.

A second circuit court ruling says the FOID Card “goes too far and makes criminals out of law-abiding citizens” who keep guns ‘within their own home.’

In his ruling, White County Judge T. Scott Webb stated, “A citizen in the State of Illinois is not born with a Second Amendment right. Nor does that right insure when a citizen turns 18 or 21 years of age. It is a façade. They only gain that right if they pay a $10 fee, complete the proper application, and submit a photograph. If the right to bear arms and self-defense are truly core rights, there should be no burden on the citizenry to enjoy those rights, especially within the confines and privacy of their own homes. Accordingly, if a person does something themselves from being able to exercise being able to exercise that right, like being convicted of a felony or demonstrating mental illness, then and only then may the right be stripped from them.”

“We did concealed carry 2014, I think but it was as a result of a judge’s opinions, this may have the same effect,” said Rep. Mike Zalewski (D).

So far, 1 in 3 concealed license holders gave the state their fingerprints in exchange for faster renewals.