Illinois Lawmakers Voice Concern Over Potential Sugar Tax


A bipartisan effort from lawmakers across the state is voicing opposition to a proposed tax on sugary drinks in Illinois.

House Resolution 148 is an initiative by representatives opposed to a tax on soda, juice, sports drinks and other beverages high in sugar content. They say they’re concerned about its impact on small business and working families.

Among those sponsoring the resolution is Rep. Litesa Wallace, D-Rockford.

“I have heard from many residents who are tired of excessive taxes, and a new tax on something they enjoy would be burdensome and regressive,” Wallace said. “Additionally, a sugar tax in the stateline would likely lead to a loss of business to Wisconsin.”

The resolution urges lawmakers to oppose any plan that taxes beverages by the ounce.

“I do not believe that it is our place as lawmakers to force behavior changes on individuals,” added Wallace. “People should be able to drink soft drinks of their choosing without paying a fee.”

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