Illinois Legislators In Battle Over Senate Bill One


The battle once again comes down to party lines; Democrats versus Republicans, and our stateline lawmakers are no exception.

Money once again comes between Illinois Republicans and Democrats, this time being for education.  The bill, titled Senate Bill One, was vetoed by Governor Rauner on Tuesday.  This has put Illinois legislatures back to hard work, looking for a compromise in finding an equal education for all children.  Sen. Dave Syverson, R-Rockford said, “It’s supposed to be a bill that changes school funding to try to make it more equitable.  What that’s gonna do, is districts that have a lot of local wealth that can afford to pay more for their schools will pay more, and school districts that come from poor areas will pay less.”

Senator Syverson is one of many republican legislators who support the governor’s veto.  Rauner wants to strip $200 million from Chicago schools and redistribute it to districts across the state.  Syverson also mentions Chicago’s declining enrollment… 22,000 students have left in the past two years, is even more reason to take away their funding.  He added, “So we need to change funding of formulas so it’s fair, but we can’t do one that disproportionately hurts all these down-state schools, to give Chicago more than what they deserve.”

Representative Litesa Wallace voted in favor of Senate Bill One in its original form.  Despite the governor promising more money would come to Rockford schools under his veto, she says it’s important that schools across the state are financially sound.  Wallace said, “I think in terms of making sure that over 140 plus school districts are able to open their doors in the next couple of weeks, I would have to vote for an override.”

School’s are scheduled to receive funding from the state next Thursday.  However, if there’s not a two-thirds majority voting in favor of the governor’s veto or against it, the funding bill dies.  If that happens, school districts will receive nothing.


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