An earlier version of this article stated the Lotto jackpot had reached a record-breaking level, verbiage which was taken from a press release sent by Camelot Illinois on June 1.

ILLINOIS — The Lotto jackpot has grown again as yet another drawing has passed without a top prize winner.

Monday’s drawing jackpot stands at $16.85 million which, if won, will be the largest prize taken since December 2018 when a $22.5 million jackpot drawing found a winner. Jennifer Born, senior manager for public relations at Camelot Illinois, tells WGN their data records only go back to 2012. Due to this, they could not immediately provide the Lotto’s largest-ever winning jackpot. However Born did state the largest since 2012 was $27 million in March 2016.

The jackpot has been growing since it was last won in October, 2022. That winning ticket was sold in River Grove for a total prize of $4.85 million. 99 drawings have now come and gone without a jackpot winner.

Want a crack at the largest Lotto jackpot since 2018? The game’s next drawing is set for Monday. Tickets must be purchased by 9:15 p.m.