SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WMBD) — Illinois will no longer suspend or hold driver’s licenses for drivers who cannot pay tickets or fines.

Effective July 1, a criminal justice reform bill from the Illinois Black Caucus (House Bill 3653) eliminates license suspension for those who were unable to pay traffic tickets, automated red light and speed camera tickets, and parking tickets.

The state will also reinstate driving privileges for those who have had their driver’s license suspended for not paying those tickets.

The changes will remove license holds and suspensions for at least 500,000 driving records in the state.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker said this is a big step forward for the “equitable Illinois our residents deserve.”

“There’s a difference between holding people accountable and taking away the very tools they need to build a life for themselves and their families, thereby reinforcing cycles of debt and poverty. This component of the SAFE-T Act expands the bipartisan reforms of the License to Work Act I signed into law in 2020, further shaping Illinois into a beacon of justice for the nation,” Pritzker said.

Driver’s license reinstatement is free and automatic.

All Illinoisans who think their driver’s license was suspended due to inability to pay a traffic, red light and speed camera, and/or parking ticket are encouraged to contact the Secretary of State’s Office at (217)-782-6212, select option one.