Illinois Police to Wear Mourning Bands

Snipers Kill Five Officers at Dallas Protests_93372327-159532

All law enforcement officers in Illinois are being urged to wear black ‘mourning bands’ on their badges in solidarity with officers of the Dallas Police Department caught in a deadly ambush Thursday night.

“Today we stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in law enforcement throughout the country, but especially in Dallas, where five officers were killed in the line of duty last night and more were shot and wounded,” President of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police Steven Casstevens said in a statement.  “These officers died while protecting and facilitating our nation’s bedrock principles – freedom of speech and, ironically, the freedom to assemble peaceably. Yesterday these officers left home to protect their fellow citizens, and tragically, they never returned to their families.”

Casstevens goes on in his statement to acknowledge the deadly officer involved shootings that were cited as the motivation for the ambush by a gunman later killed by police by a robot carrying an explosive device.

“We are painfully aware of the current well-publicized tensions between police and some members of our communities,” he says, “So we must continue to build trust, most often out of the spotlight and out of the news, and not let these events divide us.”

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