Illinois State Budget, Income Tax Increase Unsettles Residents


After more than two years, the state of Illinois has a budget again, but that doesn’t mean the Land of Lincoln’s problems have all been solved.

Residents are now getting used to what that means for them and their wallets. Devin Saunders, Rockford resident, is one of many who aren’t completely satisfied with the budget.

“I’m glad there is one,” said Saunders. “It’s obviously not the best, but at least there’s something.”

The budget deal includes a 32 percent personal income tax.The tax dollars will be used to fund universities and social service agencies which Saunders says is necessary.

“It’s understandable in a way they need money to fund certain things.” said Saunders.

Dave Kostka says it’s possible the government is taking advantage of its people.

“It’s a truly bipartisan stealing and thats terrible,” said Kostka.

Nickel and diming taxpayers could run them out of the state.  Resident,Ted Perrone, says the tax increase could add to the out-migration Illinois has already been suffering from for the past couple of years.

“When you lose that population… A lot of those are good taxpayers,” said Perrone. He says if residents continue to move out of the state the monetary burden will fall on those who stay in Illinois..

“They have to do something,” said Perrone.  “Sooner or later nobody is going to have anything.”

The permanent income tax increase raises $5 billion dollars and cuts spending by $2 billion dollars. Illinois faces about 14.7 billion dollars in past due bills.

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