Illinois State PARCC Test Results Show Which Local Schools are Making the Grade

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If you believe the PARCC test scores released by the Illinois State Board of Education on Friday, then only one-in-three public school students in Illinois are on track to be ready for college and careers, and in some Stateline school districts, the numbers are far worse.

PARCC stands for Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, and you can read more about it here.

It is a component of Common Core meant to determine whether students are ‘on track’ to be ready to enter college or the workforce after high school.  A student who either meets or exceeds PARCC expectations gets a passing grade.  Students can also achieve grades of ‘approached expectations’, ‘partially met expectations’, or ‘did not meet expectations.’

Scores for every school and district in Illinois can be found here.

Below are grades for each district in the Northern Illinois region (excluding the Chicagoland area).  Grades were determined by comparing the PARCC score to the Statewide average, with districts performing at or near the Statewide average receiving a ‘C’ grade.

Grade ‘A’:  15 points or more above state average

All these districts have around half their students on track according to PARCC, with Pecatonica noteworthy because another 34% approached standards while only 4% met none of them.

District Name/ School NameExceedsMeets ApproachSomeNonePARCC
Somonauk CUSD 4326493111355
Byron CUSD 2268442814852
Hinckley Big Rock CUSD 4297443114451
Pecatonica CUSD 3216433413449

Grade B:  5-14 points above state average

In each of these districts, about a third of students also approached expectations, meaning that about 3-in-4 of their students are either on track or close to being on track.

District Name/ School NameExceedsMeets ApproachSomeNonePARCC
Scales Mound CUSD 2115413514646
Eastland CUSD 3084403317644
Lena Winslow CUSD 2023413119644
River Ridge CUSD 2103403419543
Pearl City CUSD 2003393517642
Galena USD 1205353520540
Dakota CUSD 2013373419840
Sycamore CUSD 4274353221939
Meridian CUSD 2233353322738

Grade C:  4 points above state average to 4 points below state average.

The inclusion of Hononegah in this group will surprise many since it has long been perceived as one of the higher performing districts.  The score may be impacted in part by the fact Hononegah is set up differently than most school districts in that it is only a high school and not a consolidated district with elementary and middle schools.

If the percentage of students approaching expectations at Hononegah High School and the low number of students meeting none of the expectations were factored in, the district would make the ‘B’ group, as would Forreston Valley.

District Name/ School NameExceedsMeets ApproacSomeNonePARCC
Forrestville Valley CUSD 2214333324737
Genoa Kingston CUSD 42433234211035
Hononegah CHD 2075303523635
Durand CUSD 32242933221233
North Boone CUSD 20022831241530
Winnebago CUSD 32322834261130
Orangeville CUSD 20312932261230
Chadwick-Milledgeville CUSD 39922731271329
Warren CUSD 2052273329929
Polo CUSD 22232634241329

Grade D:  5-14 points below state average

All of these districts have about the same percentages of students who are meeting none of the PARCC expectations as are meeting or exceeding them.  Stockton and Paw Paw did have the highest percentages of students approaching expectations on the PARCC in the region, however, which would put each in the ‘C’ category if that criteria was factored in.

More than half or Rockford CUSD 205’s students met only some or none of the expectations.

District Name/ School NameExceedsMeets ApproachSomeNonePARCC
Sandwich CUSD 43032530261628
Dixon USD 17022531281527
Ashton-Franklin Center CUSD 27532433301127
Belvidere CUSD 10022331271725
Harlem UD 12222330281825
DeKalb CUSD 42822328272025
Oregon CUSD 22022330271925
County of Winnebago SD 32012331291624
Rockford SD 20532025302323
East Dubuque USD 11912236311123
Rochelle Schools12031301821
Stockton CUSD 20612040291021
Paw Paw CUSD 27101940281319

Grade F:  15 points or more below state average

Fewer than 1-in-5 students who attend these districts are on-track for college or careers according to PARCC criteria.

District Name/ School NameExceedsMeets ApproachSomeNonePARCC
Hiawatha CUSD 42611731321918
West Carroll CUSD 31411630351817
Freeport SD 14511526332516

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