Illinois State Police want to remind drivers how to properly merge when there’s a construction zone.

Drivers can get frustrated when cars pass in the other lane while traffic is backed up, but for safety purposes and to decrease the congestion of the traffic, Illinois state police say that’s actually the correct way to merge.

One trooper says the longer traffic is backed up, the higher the risk of rear end crashes.

“Motorists think when they see that sign that says ‘road construction 3 miles ahead’ or however many miles ahead that they need to get over in that lane,” said Sgt. Tony Halsey, Illinois State Police. “We ask and recommend that they stay in both lanes, and when they get closer to the construction zone within a quarter mile, then start getting over and merging. That’s called zip merging.”

Police ask drivers to not block other cars from getting over when they attempt to merge to avoid crashes, road rage and heavier traffic.

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