Illinois State Trooper Uses Narcan to Save Woman after Overdose


An Illinois State Trooper is being hailed as a hero.  His quick thinking saved a woman dying from a suspected overdose.  It happened outside of a West Rockford Convenience store Thursday afternoon. He used Narcan to save her, after she was found unconscious and without a pulse or breath.

Lance Sims, Rockford Resident
“If it weren’t for the fire department, police having that it would have been a bigger issue, a bigger mess,” said Rockford Resident Lance Sims.

He’s talking about Narcan.   A woman in her 20’s was saved by what’s been characterized, as ‘The Miracle Drug’

“I saw it all, but I didn’t know what was going on,” said Sims.

Trooper Mark Vaughn saving the life of a woman, who had overdosed in a car in the parking lot of Mosey’s on West State Street, near Springfield Avenue.

“It is scary to think about all these drug overdoses happening,” said Sims.

“I was fairly close where I was able to get to the call,” said Trooper Vaughn.  “I was on scene within three minutes.”

When Vaughn arrived, he described a chaotic scene.

“Someone was actually yelling out loud that she needed Narcan,” said Trooper Vaughn.

Immediately, the trooper grabbed the antidote and muscle memory kicked in.

“Honestly, training kicked in,” said Trooper Vaughn.  “I went right over there and started doing what I’m supposed to do.  I secured the scene and thankfully she came back.”

Most local law enforcement are equipped with the narcotic negator.

“It’s a great tool,” said Illinois Police Lieutenant Carl Heintz.  “We’ve seen it used first hand, where someone would have not survived that event.”

Vaughn is now two for two when using Narcan, and still stunned with it’s effectiveness.

“It’s absolutely amazing to see somebody come back to life,” said Vaughn.

Paramedics typically administer Narcan.  However, Illinois State Police goes through annual training, but Trooper Vaughn got to the scene first.  This is one case that police hope brings down the number of drug related deaths in Winnebago County, which set a dubious record in 2017. The county saw more than 100 deaths.

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