Illinois students protest white students in blackface

Some high school students in Illinois walked out of their classes to protest a blackface incident by three classmates.
About a thousand people took part in the walkout in Flossmoor on Tuesday. That’s after a video and photos popped up over the weekend, showing three white students in blackface going through a drive-thru.
Homewood-Flossmoor High School is 70% African American.
Some protesters say the incident shows a double standard because they say black students are treated more harshly when they get into trouble.
“That diction using those letters – gang-related violence – you don’t know what those students have been through, but when it comes to blackface incident, that’s just offensive. Are you kidding me?,” said an unidentified student.
Some parents who know the boys in the video say the teens didn’t understand why blackface is offensive.
School administrators have met with the three students and their parents, but any disciplinary action will not be made public.
The mayors of Flossmoor and Homewood called the images highly offensive.

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