Illinois Veteran Helps as “Roadie for the Day” for KISS


Veteran Jim Leffell has been listening to the band KISS since he was a kid but tonight he’ll experience their music like he never has before. Leffel was chosen as one of KISS’ ‘Roadies for a Day.’ The band chooses one veteran at every stop on their tour to help them with their set up. Leffel was in Afghanistan for a year in 2011 and now, thanks to the program “Hiring Our Heroes,” he was able to have this opportunity.

“I do have a civilian job but it’s being able to work with Hiring our Heroes that we’re going to be able to continue to help veterans find employment,” said Army National Guard Sgt. Jim Leffel. “It is a struggle when you’re coming out of the military to find civilian employment for some people. KISS can’t seem to ‘get enough of the veterans.’

“Without veterans. there is no country,” said Co-lead Singer of KISS Paul Stanley. “Those are the people that make America great.

Veterans can’t get enough of them either.

“It’s awesome to be able to work with a legendary band that supports the military,” said Leffel.

Leffel helped set up the equipment for the band where they will later have a private meet-and greet with fans and perform a more personal, acoustic set concert.

Leffel says programs like this are vital to helping veterans transition back into a normal life.

“It is a shift so I think having someone there who understands that and help them and be very beneficial to other veterans to have that commonality.

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