CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WTVO) — Republican candidate for Illinois governor Darren Bailey doubled down on his call for the University of Illinois to increase the number of in-state students at the school.

Bailey wants the freshmen class to be made up of 90% in-state students by 2026. The plan would require major shakeups to the way the university handles enrollment.

Bailey said that there is “waste” at the university in a post on social media Wednesday morning.

“f we can’t afford it, we don’t do it. If it’s not working, we cut it or we change it,” Bailey said. “And unfortunately, the answer with the University of Illinois, as I was asked by press last night, is not adding more taxes, it’s making the school more efficient. Money is being wasted, priorities are being wasted.”

The freshman class from last year had just over 5,800 in-state students. It was only 70% of the freshman class, but it was also the second most in-state students the university has enrolled in 10 years.