CHICAGO, Ill. (WTVO) — Chicago’s Field Museum welcomed a rare collection of fossil meteorites that could help unlock secrets of the solar system.

It is the largest fossil meteorite collection in the world, discovered in Sweden in the eighties. Samples reportedly pre-date even the dinosaurs and came from an asteroid collision somewhere between Mars and Jupiter.

The Field Museum boasts the largest meteorite collection for a private research institution in the world, making it the obvious place to house and study them.

“This is amazing, this is really exciting. I mean I never thought that I would get the entire collection here,” said Phillipp R. Heck, curator of meteoritics and polar studies at the Field Museum. “So, we can explore the solar system and what’s it made of by studying meteorites that fell to Earth’s surface with these fossil meteorites.”

The collection is only accessible to researchers for now, but the museum hopes to put them on exhibit sometime down the road.