WASHINGTON (WTVO) — Highland Park’s mayor, as well as Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, were at the White House on Monday.

They were there as the Biden administration celebrated the passage of federal gun safety legislation. The bill was signed into law last month. The “Safer Communities Act” invests money in mental health resources, school security and crisis intervention programs, as well as increasing federal background check requirements for people under 21 trying to buy a gun.

It is the first piece of bipartisan gun reform to come from Congress in years, but Mayor Nancy Rotering said that it is not enough. She joined in the call for the ban of assault weapons.

“We all share a love of freedom. We all share a love of helping our children grow up in a clean and safe society. We also love and share an appreciation for our first responders. Our first responders are out gunned by these combat weapons,” Rotering said. “I think if people listen to what has happened week, after week, after week, in our communities and recognize that this is not what our freedom was fought for. We are, in fact, going in reverse.”