(WTVO) — Winnebago County is monitoring the first monkeypox case in the stateline.

The health department said that the patient is at home recovering and anyone they came in contact with has been notified. There are more than 700 monkeypox cases in Illinois, according to the CDC.

Colleges across the state are closely monitoring those cases as students head back to the dorms. That is because monkeypox spreads through close or intimate contact, similar to the flu and mumps.

“A lot of these elements are adaptable and so that kind of isolating if you’re sick, staying away from others who may be infected, seeking medical treatment, basic hygiene,” said Eric Jome of Illinois State University. “Basic preventative measures, that’s really kind of what we’re trying to promote at this time.”

Monkeypox symptoms include a rash with blisters and flu-like symptoms. The disease usually resolves on its own in two to four weeks.