(WTVO) — Illinois has opened the biofuel market to try and prevent issues at the pump following a fire at an Indiana BP oil refinery.

The fire happened a week ago and there have been no noticeable effects so far.

Illinois joined other Midwest states in getting a special waiver from the federal government. It will allow stations to sell ethanol for the next two weeks, despite federal law normally preventing the sale of the fuel during September.

The ethanol will be coming from Illinois farmers, and they are happy to see the state relying on the little used product.

“It’s just another great opportunity to show what value that we have in these biofuels here in the State of Illinois,” one farmer said. “Ethanol is something that we worked very hard on to make sure that is a mainstream fuel here going forward.”

The fire caused a partial shutdown at the plant, and it is unclear if it will have a major impact on the cost at the pump. Farmers, however, are hoping that it has a big impact on how the country embraces biofuels.