DECATUR, Ill. (WTVO) — More carmakers are planning to make electric vehicles, and one just chose Illinois as the spot to do it.

The Decatur-based manufacturing company T/CCI is the first to choose Illinois as its home base for building electric vehicles. Governor JB Pritzker signed the “Reimagining Electric Vehicles Act” 10 months ago, which included load of incentives for companies to build EVs in the state.

T/CCI has built car compressors in Decatur for years, employing around 100 people. They will now transition and build compressors for electric cars.

“The reality is the jobs that are here now would become obsolete, because the future is moving really, really at a fast pace,” the company said. “And so this is the way that we can keep those jobs here.”

T/CCI is the only company to come to Illinois after nearly 10 months, but Pritzker said on Tuesday that he thinks there will be more coming shortly. The president of T/CCI said that the incentives package the state offered was too good to pass up.