(WTVO) — Opponents of Illinois’ “Clean Energy Bill” said that they are not surprised bills are so high, but supporters believe that other factors made the problem worse.

A downstate senator wants to repeal parts of it. Republican Terri Bryant filed a package of bills on Monday rolling back the 2045 closure date for major coal and natural plants in the state. She blamed the national and state clean energy policies for the rise in prices, and claimed that it could lead to more.

Clean energy advocates argued, however, that the state’s policies will prevent these kinds of increases in the future.

“These rate hikes are happening all across the middle of the country, and so Illinois is very fortunate that we have CEJA (Climate and Equitable Jobs Act) because we actually, unlike most of our neighbor states, have a plan to become energy-independent,” one said.

“We have to be able to show an attitude in Illinois and attitude in the Midwest and an attitude in the country that says that we are energy-friendly, all-inclusive energy,” Bryant said.

The MISO (Midcontinent Independent System Operator) voted on Monday to approve more transmissions lines, an investment that they said will increase reliability and save people money down the line.