SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — A ballot question in the November election could change the debate around unions in Illinois for years.

The “Worker’s Rights Amendment” would make it a constitutional right to collectively bargain or join a union in Illinois. It would also stop any laws from being able to change or restrict the process of joining a union.

A court battle over the amendment threatened to keep it off the 2022 ballot, but the judge settled that court case last week, paving the way for the vote in November.

One of the largest union organizations in the state said that this is about protecting what unions already have, and not necessarily adding more rights.

“The stronger collective bargaining avenues are to workers, it lifts up commute all communities, it lifts up wages, it lifts up, because it has an effect of spreading to the to the non-union workers as well,” one said.

“It’s just, it’s shuts the door to the notion that individual workers should be able to decide for themselves whether joining union or not, this closes the door to that,” said another.

The amendment would also stop Illinois from enacting right to work laws. They are laws that allow workers to benefit from union negotiations despite not paying any sort of union dues.

Twenty-eight states currently have right to work laws.