ROCHELLE, Ill. (WTVO) — From seeing vintage planes, pulling the train whistle and cars racing, the Rochelle community honored their history of transportation on Saturday.

“Our kids had a lot of fun here today and it’s something that I think attracts all ages, which is great,” said Rochelle resident Jeri Hayden.

The Rochelle Area Community Foundation hosted a new and unique event called “Planes, Trains & Automobiles.” Hayden said that she was excited to have her family out for the fun in seeing all the planes and cars.

“So our kids loved the car races, watching the car races were really fun and our little guy loved the airplanes,” Hayden said. “Just to see inside some of those old airplanes is really fantastic.”

The theme was “A Century in Motion,” which looked back at 100 years of rare and vintage planes, trains and automobiles. It also featured a multi-million dollar car collection that raced down the airport runway.

Emily Anaya, executive director of the Rochelle Area Community Foundation, said that the main purpose of the event was to bring the community together to be educated on the local resources that benefit the entire Rochelle community.

“We wanted a way to do something unique and different that would be a community event for families and friends, and it would be a nice way to honor our community’s rich history in transportations,” Anaya said.

Ashley Jackson, co-chair of the event, said that it is important for the community to remember the City of Rochelle’s history.

“I think it’s unique” Jackson said. “Maybe you are into cars and not planes, but you have the opportunity to see those when you’re out here. And, so, it really gives everyone an opportunity to get out and support the community.”

They hoped to raise $10,000 through the fundraiser. The proceeds will help Rochelle’s local non-profits help the community.

“Yeah, we are excited to see what the Community Foundation comes up with next,” Hayden said. “I mean they, have really pushed the bounders here and doing something right here in our home town, which is great.”