TROY, Ill. (WTVO) — Troy Police are on the hunt for a six-year-old Illinois boy accused of being “trained professionally” to scam victims with fake pizza gift cards.

Police were reportedly tipped off about a scam in which unsuspecting victims were sold fake “buy one get one free” Domino’s Pizza gift cards in Troy and the surrounding area.

“The cards are being sold by a young juvenile white male, about six years old, who was last described wearing a dirty pink baseball uniform with a southern accent,” said the Troy Police Department. “The juvenile is likely accompanied by an adult, and he tells victims he’s selling the cards as a fundraiser for his baseball team.”

“[The boy’s] been trained professionally how to answer questions to con you out of your money,” said Tom Eilers, a victim of the scam, to FOX 2. “It’s awful, it’s a shame.”

Police are reportedly concerned for the child’s wellbeing and have asked the public for assistance in locating the boy or the accompanying adult.

“It’s always a good idea to call the fundraiser businesses to see if gift cards are valid if you suspect any suspicious activity,” police also advised.