CHICAGO (WTVO) — In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker said there were “signs of [a] white supremacy symbol” in an investigation of the suspect who opened fire on a 4th of July parade in Highland Park last week.

According to Pritzker, “There is evidence obviously of someone who is, was looking to cause harm to people. We don’t exactly know whether it is focused on one particular group or another.”

Pritzker did not elaborate on what the symbol in question was.

The suspect in the mass shooting at Highland Park’s 4th of July parade, had two previous encounters with police in 2019, once for attempted suicide and another for threatening to “kill everyone,” police said.

Investigators removed 16 knives, daggers, and a sword from Robert Crimo’s home in September 2019, but said there was “no probable cause to arrest” at the time.

There were warning signs, there’s no doubt about it, but nothing that reached the, you know, probable cause or preponderance of the evidence required for there to be a red flag,” Pritzker said Sunday on “State the Union.”

A spokesman for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force told a news conference that the suspected shooter used a high-powered rifle “similar to an AR-15” to spray bullets from atop a commercial building into a crowd that had gathered for the parade in Highland Park.

More than 45 people were wounded in the attack, which task force spokesman Christopher Covelli said the shooter planned for several weeks.

Pritzker also said Sunday that it is possible that Crimo’s father could be liable in the crime, but no decision had been made yet by the district attorney in the case.

Pritzker said he would also be in favor of updating Illinois’ red flag laws, but that would require family members to cooperate with authorities.

He also called for a nationwide ban on assault-style rifles.

“There’s no reason why someone should have 90 bullets at the ready, 30 in each of the cartridges that he used. That’s just something that I don’t think civilians should have,” Pritzker said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.