ORANGEVILLE, Ill. (WTVO) — For the third year in a row, OSF Saint Anthony College of Nursing took students in its Stateline Farm Rescue Team on location to learn how to treat farming-related injuries.

Senior Kayla Schlensker, along with 40 of her classmates, got to see the realities and dangers of working on a farm in Orangeville on Friday.

“When I’m thinking about a farm, I think of animals. I don’t think about anything that goes into it,” she admitted.

Today, she played a grain bin accident victim in a live simulation of hazards faced by farmers.

“The type of traumas they’re going to see out here on the farms are going to be pretty graphic,” warned coordinator Mark Baker. “There are going to be, basically, dismembering, amputations, crushing injury, and … if it’s a grain bin rescue, how long is that going to take? That can take hours just to get these people out.”

Baker said it is important for students to know what to do if they treat someone involved in a farming accident in case they have to treat the patient in the field.

“Whether it’s a grain farm, dairy farm, a beef farm, it doesn’t matter. There’s still hazards still out there: equipment, the animals that are out there, so there are a lot of things going on,” Baker explained. “There are a lot of factors that they are going to be exposed to today.”

Schlensker said she believes the experience will make her a better future nurse.

“How I can learn to make a difference, even in a farming community? I think it’s really exciting and a good learning opportunity,” she said.